During the COVID-19 Pandemic our priority is the health and safety of patients and urologists.

The spread of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges for many healthcare providers who are caring for patients. We all must do our part to reduce the number of people interacting in public spaces, and particularly healthcare institutions.
We at Boston Scientific, care about continuing to support you and your urologists during this time difficult time. While COVID-19 is very much top of mind right now, we also know that there are many people who are struggling and are continuing to seek information on how best to manage their condition.
We Are Here to Help. We are supporting our communities and, like everyone, finding new ways to connect. Below are resources we have made accessible to learn more and remotely interact with others.

Questions to Ask

Helpful hints on how to start the conversation with your GP or urologist, and other useful resources.

Frequently Asked Questions about ED

Find answers to common questions about Erectile Dysfunction.

Men’s Sexual Health Questionnaire

Complete the questionnaire and discuss it with your GP or urologist during your next appointment.


Find A Specialist

Find an ED specialist to discover your best cure.

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